I’ve been a golfer since my 12th birthday. My father joined our local club and I nagged him for two years until he eventually let me join.

Finally I had another home!! I loved the smell of the freshly cut grass, that the colour green had so many different shades. I loved the camaraderie that existed amongst the members and last but not least, I loved the competition between so many friends.

That was then!!

After two and a half years of full time Amateur golf, eight and a half years of ups and downs playing the TOUR for a living, 18 months of full time teaching at a golfing range , and then finally 16 years as a club professional.

That is 28 years of my life summed up in one paragraph.

What have I learnt about golf?

I know it’s the greatest game in the world. I know you never beat it. I know that once the bug bites its grip on your life only grows and grows. I know that it’s not fair, but most of all I’ve learnt and I know that it’s just a game.

It’s a game that teaches you plenty about yourself, and even more about others. It is a game that continues to evolve. Its popularity has cut through time and stands alone in its manners, in its etiquette and in its standards.

Whether you’re old or young, fat or thin, fast or slow, big or small, strong or weak, male or female, I truly believe “there is a golfer in everybody”.

You and your family need to join the family of golfers that play and practice all over the world.

…And I am just the person to help you at Graeme Whale Golf!